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Walnut, Teak & Cherry




TradCase: available in Walnut, Teak, and Cherry hardwoods

The TrädCase is carved from a single* block of premium quality hardwood and hand polished to a luxurious satin finish. As each piece of wood is unique in its color, grain and shading, your new TrädCase is truly one of a kind. The TradCase is lightweight and fits your iPhone like a glove.  
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After your iPhone is mounted you can press on the wood buttons to control the on/off switch and volume controls.
TrädCase Highlights
Designed exclusively for the iPhone 3G/3GS
Easily-to-operate wood buttons to control the volume and on/off switch
Precision-cut openings for the *charger, camera, *earbuds and ringer switch
Long-lasting, luxurious satin finish will not wear off
Hardwood case providing maximum protection for your iPhone
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* TradDúo uses two species of wood.

*Only the original charger that came from Apple with your 3G/3GS iPhone will fit without removing the bottom half.  This includes iPod chargers, they will not fit.

*Some after market earphones may not fit.
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