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Technical Specifications

Height: 1 5/8 inch
   Width: 14 3/8 inches
   Depth: 11 inches
   Weight: 3 lbs 7oz

For comparison here are the specs of an HP G60t series 15" laptop: Dimensions

14.88" (L) x 9.9" (W) x 13.8" (min H) -1.72" (max H)
1.) Custom made for the Macbook Pro 13”
Hardwood case provides maximum protection for your computer
3.) O
ption to use your computer without having to remove it from the case
4.) Premium bamboo exterior and plush, suede fabric interior
5.) Comfortable rubber handle with steel expansion inserts
6.) Contoured shape and brushed metal hardware match the Macbook Pro
Form-fitting cover to protect your case and carry accessories
Environmentally friendly product


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